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"Making images for social change."

Just recently launched and still in its early stages of formation, the Canadian Centre for Documentary Photography is a non-profit organization which seeks to fund and otherwise encourage documentary photography projects of social value, especially those that assist charities and other non-profit groups in their public education programs.

Our mission is to foster more world-class documentary photography that has broad public impact and promotes social betterment. The projects we undertake are selected based on their potential for noteworthy photographic work as well as the need for greater public understanding of specific social issues.

Additionally, the Centre seeks to spotlight the best documentary photography work produced under its auspices or by its members through publishing, editorial placement and through public showings and exhibitions.

New Developments

We are about to launch a new web site!

Work has been underway on the first Centre sponsored program - the "street kids" project. Originally this project was launched with a purely Canadian focus in mind. However, what took us quite by surprise was the number of documentary photographers from around the world who contacted the Centre and expressed interest in getting involved not only in this project, but in Center activities generally.

It rapidly became apparent that there was a need for a more international approach. Many important social issues transcended national borders. And more to the point, many photographers around the world were tackling these social issues in their work, often as personal projects.

After much thought and discussion, we realized that what was really needed was an forum where this far-reaching work could be promoted internationally. If many on-going documentary projects were gathered together in one place in a kind of international directory, then this would become a resource for editors, photo researchers, and non-profit or for-profit organizations seeking documentary style photography on a specific subject matter.

These photo buyers could then contact individual photographers directly to negotiate purchases, sponsorship or additional assignment work. So while continuing its Canadian projects and focus, the Centre has now also launched a new web site under the banner of the International Association of Documentary Photographers.

The new site can be found at bed bug extermination

For the next few weeks, we need several beta testers for the new site. If you are a professional documentary photographer or photojournalist and would like to help "beta test" the site during its construction phase, pleasepersonal injury attorney nyc and include the URL to your commercial web site. The initial beta testers who make full use of the site (i.e. actually give the site a "work out" by placing listings, posting news, etc. - the functions that need more complete testing) will receive a free one year Professional Member subscription in appreciation for their help.

Dorothea Lange's famous photograph of a migrant mother and her children, as well as her other work from this period, represents some of the most powerful documentary photography ever produce. Many of her pictures had an epic quality as well as a human vitality. If ever photographs succeeded in persuasion, Dorothea Lange's did.


"Hands off! I do not molest what I photograph, I do not meddle and I do not arrange." That was one of the principles of American photographer Dorothea Lange, whose work has provided one of the most committed social documentaries of photography in our century. - From online reputation managementchicago search engine optimizationby Museum Ludwig Cologne, Marianne Bieger, Museum Ludwig

This site is under development. Please bear with us while we make it more informative and, we hope, more useful.

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